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Recognition is an integral part of Queensbridge. Celebrating our pupils in all aspects of school life is a daily occurrence and reflective of our schools core values. Pupils are celebrated in a wide number of ways.

  • Recognition points in lessons – visual to all parents/carers through EduLink One.
  • Teacher feedback both verbal and within books.
  • Values postcards sent on a weekly basis.
  • Attendance recognition postcards.
  • Canteen rewards for showing our values at social times.
  • Headteacher Commendation.


As part of our commitment to recogntion it is essential that pupil voice plays a key role. Pupils were very keen to ensure that recognition points and high levels of attendance had a clear outcome. Pupils wanted regular events that they could work towards and as a result events will see:

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum recognition milestones where pupils will achieve their badge and certificate.
  • Half termly celebration events decided by pupils. 
  • Termly celebration trips –that have included a trip to the West End and a ‘Day at the Beach’
  • An annual awards evening to celebrate our Queensbridge Community


As we move through the year, more recognition events will be announced through discussion with school council and student leaders