The School Day

Timings for the School Day as of September 2020

Please note: there is a temporary adjustment to the school timetable due the current circumstances. It will be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Year Group Return Date Daily Arrival Time Daily Entrance Gate
7 Wednesday 2nd September 8:45am Gate A
8 Friday 4th September 8:55am Gate A
9 Friday 4th September 9:05am Gate B
10 Thursday 3rd September 8:55am Gate B
11 Wednesday 2nd September 8:45am Gate B

Gate A – Alcester Road (by traffic lights).

Gate B – Queensbridge Road (pedestrian gate).



Pupils are to arrive on site no more than 5 minutes before their arrival time.

Year Group Daily Arrival Time Daily Entrance Gate
7 8:45am Gate A
8 8:55am Gate A
9 9:05am Gate B
10 8:55am Gate B
11 8:45am Gate B

ARRIVAL TO SCHOOL: Each year group will have a designated entrance to school clearly communicated on each gate. There are two entrances to school – Gate A and Gate B these are explained below. Pupils are only allowed on site 5 minutes before their start time.

DEPARTURE FROM SCHOOL: From September school will finish at 3pm Monday – Thursday and 2:45 on Friday. Pupils will be dismissed one year group at a time from Year 7 to Year 11.