Remote Learning

There are three possible reasons why your child may be accessing their work from home.

1. Enforced self-isolation of a whole year group when a pupil tests positive for Covid-19.

2. A child is self-isolating from school because of showing symptoms, or a member of their family has had a positive test result.

3. A child is returning from foreign travel requiring quarantine.

If a year-group or teacher is self-isolating, classes will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. 

If a student is self-isolating, they should collect their work from the Google Drive (accessed via frogmail) and follow their school timetable as closely as possible.

Remote Learning information for each Year group can be found below:

Requesting IT Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email the IT team who will endeavor to respond and support your query within 24 hours:  
To ensure the fastest possible response and resolution times, please provide as much detail as possible when requesting support.
Required information:
  •  Year Group
  • User Name (being attempted)
  • Where the error or issue is occurring ie Frog, Frogmail, Frogdrive, GDrive.
Screenshots of any errors or onscreen messages are also extremely useful in resolving issues promptly.