The school must be informed of a pupil absence by 8.45am on that day through Edulink where possible. 
Parents/Carers should use the attendance option through the school telephone number 0121 464 5566, where Edulink is unavailable.

Attendance and its Impact - Presentation for parents

Attendance and Punctuality 

Attendance is an essential element of school life. High levels of attendance have been proven to be directly linked to achievement. As a school we promote and support the highest possible levels of attendance and set all pupils that target of 100%. All parents will be able to see their child’s live attendance figure through the EduLink.

What do we expect from pupils?  

  • To be punctual and arrive on school site by 8.40am every day.  

  • To ensure every lesson is attended punctually.  

  • To talk to form tutors, heads of year or other key listed individuals should any concerns arise around punctuality or attendance.   


What do we expect from parents?  

  • To ensure that their child/children attend school, punctually, on a daily basis.   

  • To inform school through EduLink or if this is not possible via telephone by 8.15am as to the reason behind any pupil absence.  

  • To ensure that holidays are not taken in term time and that if unavoidable a request is made, in writing, directly to the headteacher.  

  • To be aware that pupils who arrive after 9.15am and/or are absent without reason, are issued with an unauthorised absence which will have a significant impact on their attendance figure and their preparation for learning for that day. 


We have adopted the Birmingham City Council FastTrack programme in order to rigorously promote excellent attendance and punctuality and support families who may be struggling. Parents are informed of our commitment to excellent attendance and punctuality via a termly letter and the Fast Track programme continues throughout our academic year.