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  • Intensive Week 20th – 24th October
  • Wednesday 12th November – Year 7 Parents Evening 



Thank you for all the support!

Mission accomplished! Fantastic market atmosphere and great feedback from the public. Out of the three proposals, the one that has the most tokens in was the composting proposal.

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Day 5 at the ‘Only Way Is Green’ project-The Pop-up Market!

Our pop-up market has been a success and plenty of people have come and bought many of the products that the pupils have made, therefore they would have gotten the tokens and put them into the three proposal buckets of their choice.

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Holland Tour Kit Read to Go!

Holland Tour Close to Departure!

The kit is being prepared and in just a few days 38 Queensbridge pupils will be heading to the town of Valeknburg in the Netherlands to begin a week of Sport! The pupils will be working on enhancing their Football and Netball skills with top class professional coaching and then pitching their skills against both …

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Day 4 at the ‘Only Way Is Green’ project

Tomorrow is our pop-up market and our products will show how hard we have been working. we have so many products to fill our metaphorical shelves. everyone has been working so hard to finish their products on time and have done so for tomorrow.

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Hallowe’en Fun at School

Staff in the school restaurant made the middle of iWeek a little more fun with their Hallowe’en menu today. Scary Chicken, Hotdogs and Veggie Burgers were on the menu, with Pumpkin Sponge or Spooky Cupcakes (with popping candy!) for desert. For those who didn’t eat in the restaurant, jacket potatoes with Halal chicken curry or cheese …

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Guarding a Van Gogh, gathering data for HS2 whilst Mr Boyes continues up the Mynd

Whilst our intrepid Mr Boyes continues to lead Year 8 up the Mynd, Year 10 have been showing some stunning calibre at Birmingham Uni: 2 of our lads working at the Barber Institute where they’ve been helping with school tours and another working in the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education. An outstanding school …

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