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About us

"At Queensbridge, our mission is to equip our students with the character, skills, and academic knowledge they require to live happy and fulfilled lives"


So, what does this actually mean?

Here at Queensbridge, we are a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. We underpin our work with our collective values of Respect, Kindness, Resilience, Leadership and Aspiration.

We develop the character of our students by providing them with a challenging learning environment. Learning, after all, should make you think and should make you work hard. We do this to ensure our students are resilient to the challenges they will grow to face. We provide them with carefully crafted experiences that take them out of their comfort zone. This enables them to try new things but also to challenge themselves and broaden their experiences. We ensure we develop opportunities for them to express their views and opinions, to have their ideas challenged, to allow them to be curious and ask questions of the world and environment in which they live. We do this while maintaining our beliefs in being kind and respectful.
Our curriculum is designed not only to impart essential academic knowledge, but also to ensure our students have the skills in using this knowledge. Skills in the classroom are also explored outside of the classroom, through our exciting and varied wider learning opportunities, through the activities and trips we offer.

We believe our results demonstrate the ability of our staff and our commitment to providing students with the strongest possible foundation as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Our mission is not just focussed on students. As a group of staff, we are hungry to develop ourselves as individuals, to ensure we grow with the changing world so we can best serve our school and our community.

We embrace growth as a key part of all we do. We continually aim to search out new knowledge, to improve as teachers and to develop our understanding of what great teaching looks like.

Harpinder Singh