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Welcome to the Queensbridge School Community

At Queensbridge School, we pride ourselves on a vibrant community enriched by diverse partnerships and a strong commitment to serving others. We collaborate with various sports organisations, offering our students additional coaching programmes and opportunities. Our performing arts partnerships nurture creativity, whilst our STEM initiatives prepare students for future technological challenges. Additionally, our connections with local businesses provide real-world experiences and mentoring opportunities helping students be better informed to make informed choices about their post 16 progression.

Our dedication to the local community is exemplified through numerous volunteering projects, including participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which encourages personal development and community service. Fundraising is a cornerstone of our community spirit, with our students actively raising money for charities including Children In Need and Comic Relief.

We cherish our alumni and their contributions to our legacy. We warmly invite the Queensbridge family, friends and alumni to stay connected and share their journeys with us. Your stories and support continue to inspire our current students and strengthen our community bonds.

Join us in celebrating the achievements and spirit of Queensbridge School, where every member is valued and together we make a difference enriching the lives of our community.

To connect with us and help grow our community contact: