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At Queensbridge School, the pastoral system operates as the backbone of student support, emphasising the importance of fostering positive relationships within the school community. Central to this system is recognition, where students thrive in an environment where they feel valued and understood. Teachers and staff actively engage with students to build trust and rapport, ensuring that each individual feels supported and encouraged in their academic and personal growth. By placing relationships at the forefront, Queensbridge School creates a nurturing atmosphere where students can flourish both inside and outside the classroom. 

At the heart of the pastoral system lies the school’s core values, emphasising resilience, aspiration, leadership, kindness and respect for each individual. By upholding these values, Queensbridge School fosters a culture of belonging and support, where every student feels empowered to succeed and thrive. We explicitly teach these values along with PSHE, RSE & citizenship in our TfL lessons. In this section of our website you can read all about our pastoral care system including how we recognise and reward our students, the extra curricular clubs we offer as well as all the iun formation you need about how your child should dress for school.