Queensbridge is a reading school. In every area of school life we strive to bring exciting and engaging texts to our pupils who love reading as much as we do.

The more stories we read, the keener our minds. ‘Deep reading’, as opposed to often superficial web-based reading, is an endangered practice that we take steps to preserve. This is why every pupil in Key Stage 3 reads at home as well as at school, reading and reviewing four novels a year outside of the classroom. Our Year 7s read at least four additional novels in a designated weekly reading hour, ensuring that our pupils begin their reading journey at Queensbridge with impressive purpose. Throughout their time in PSHE, pupils read novels that enrich the PSHE curriculum and develop empathy and understanding of the wider world.

We learn an average of 4,000 to 12,000 new words each year as a result of book reading; with our voracious reading appetite, we hope that our pupils learn even more than this average. Our exciting new library is a space for study and reading, with staff who love to share their passion for literature. Our collection is categorised by what our pupils tell us they love to read, and there’s always a cosy spot to spend some time with a book before or after school. The vibrant, modern space welcomes all types of readers and celebrates the diversity of interests that our school encourages.